THIS FRIDAY Mr. Todd unisex tees and v-neck sweaters will be available at

These pieces will only be available for 14 days. Todd was rescued from a dogfighting operation almost one year ago and was saved by the Stand Up for Pits Foundation along with his mother, Lucille. Todd is the only survivor.
Dogfighting is a very real problem in America and around the world and one that gets not nearly enough attention or measures taken to end it.
Dogfighting is done by people of all ages, ethnicities and in all tax brackets.
And where there is dogfighting, there is always other crime.
and the list goes on.
Dogfighting and all forms of animal abuse is everyone’s problem. To ignore it is to condone it and condoning it ensures unsafe communities for humans and pets.
Todd is one of the lucky ones. Sadly many like Todd are not. Far too often dogs rescued from fighting operations are further victimized by ridiculous ordinances, unjustly vilified and destroyed when the real danger are their abusers walking free in our society.
It’s up to us to educate others, raise awareness and take all actions needed to end the heinous act violence that is dogfighting. Some of the largest dogfighting busts have come from citizens who took action and called in tips. Together we can make our communities safe.
Profits from this campaign will go to SUFP and help fund all we do.
To report dogfighting in LOS ANGELES COUNTY call 1-877-777-2585
To report dogfighting on the NATIONAL tip line 1-877-TIP-HSUS
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